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3 Days Domestic River Cruise Yangtze Tour (1)
4 Days Domestic River Cruise Yangtze Tour (2)
4 Days Luxury River Cruise Yangtze Tour (3)
One Day World Culture Heritage Dazu Rock Carvings Tour (4)
Tibet Travel Itinerary (5)

About me
Name:Jimmy Yin
Mobile:+86 18623003678
             +86 13883305596
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Travel Three Gorges

Guest's Feedback

Dear Friends:
  Hello, I'm Jimmy Yin. I'm a Chongqing native and have been working in the hospitality industry for over ten years. Right now, I am engaged with the Yangtze River CruiseCo.,Ltd. So I am willing and able to answer any questions about the Yangtze and I can provide you with the trip of a lifetime through the wonderful Yangtze three gorges with the impressive new dam downstream.

  The domestic river cruise
1st class, 2 people share a cabin - RMB950/person
2nd class, 4 people share a cabin, From RMB610 to RMB630/person
3rd class, 6 people share a cabin, From RMB510 to RMB530/person
Cabins feature
??nbsp; Air-conditioning,
??nbsp; Private bath-room,
Food and drinks also are provided in the restaurant and shop on board.

  Before your cruise,  I can also provide a selection of services in Chongqing including:
??nbsp; Accommodation booking,
??nbsp; Air-ticket booking,
??nbsp; Stunning World culture heritage Dazu rock carvings tour,
??nbsp; Tour guide services, etc.

  Luxury River Cruises such as President Cruise series etc, are also available with prices ranging from US $350 to $600 per person.
  Jimmy makes it happen!
  Contact Jimmy at yinjun_518@163.com today!

Hot line:+86 18623003678 +86 13883305596

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The domestic river cruise
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The domestic river cruise
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The luxury river cruise
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Yangtze gold
The luxury river cruise
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Qutang gorge
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Wu gorge
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Xiling gorge
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Lesser Three Gorges
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Three Gorges Dam

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