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3 Days Domestic River Cruise Yangtze Tour
Day 1: 15:00 Take a bus from Chongqing to Wanzhou via expressway(3.5 hrs). Board ship in Wanzhou port. Visit Zhangfei Temple in Yunyang at 21:00. Entrance fee RMB50 per person.

Day 2: Vist White Emperor City in Fengjie at 07:30. Entrance fee RMB140. 11:00 See 1st of the magnificent Three Gorges-Qutang gorge from the ship. 12:00 Transfer a sightseeing boat to visit Lesser Three Gorges in Wushan. Entrance fee RMB260. 17:00 See 2nd and 3rd gorges-Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge from the ship. Sleep on the ship.

Day 3: 08:00 Transfer a sightseeing boat to visit Jiuwan Stream. Entrance fee RMB120. 13:00 Ship arrives in Taipinxi (or Maoping port). Take a bus to visit the Three Gorges Dam then continue on same bus to Yichang. Entrance fee RMB150.

1st class: RMB800/person
2nd class: RMB550/person
3rd class: RMB400/person.
Price includes bus fare and ship fare.

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